DevLog 230128

I sincerely appreciate subscribers reading this. I don’t know how one-twelfth of 2023 has passed so quickly. It has been about a year since I opened this homepage and started doing social media for the first time. Many things happened while making Axiom of Maria after I quit my job, some of which gave me opportunities or were worthwhile, and some put me into hardship or made me despair. I’m sure they both taught me a lot.
Somehow I wanted to write separately for the blog other than social media this time despite my poor English. I have been writing dialogues for about a month, and it has stuck. Usually, the more I spend time, the more things I can make, but writing doesn’t work like that, at least for me, which makes me not know what to do. During this frustrating time, I’m trying to find a path with other things like making music, fixing bugs, or adding small functions. But the obstacle this time seems pretty sturdy. I’m trying to end this writing by the middle of next month, but I’m not sure. I became a bit nervous because dev takes more time than expected, but there is no other way than to move step by step. Translation, Voice recording, more polishing, game options, QA, etc., are waiting for me following the writing of dialogues.
Thanks again for reading my whining, and please excuse me if my expressions were awkward. Have a good weekend.

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