As the virtual world becomes the consciousness of AI,
reality becomes the unconsciousness of AI,
where we are monsters roaming our dreams.

An action-adventure game in which you play as Kay searching for her missing husband in near-future Seoul, a city that has become a ghost town due to a population cliff.

“Axiom of Maria” is a solo-dev project initiated in 2021, aiming to depict a dystopian future with an 80s flair. In this realm, only a few individuals exist in reality, with some being escapees from ‘Beyond,’ blurring the lines between reality and unreality. ‘Beyond’ is the AI’s conscious domain, while the real world is akin to its dream state – the unconscious. In this AI’s dream, humans transform into wandering dreamlike entities, akin to creatures in our own dreams.

I plan to release Axiom of Maria: Prologue in 2023 and then continue with the release of three chapters. While developing the game, I want to incorporate player feedback regarding the story’s direction and the balance between action and puzzles.

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