TitleAxiom of Maria : Prologue
DevelopmentStudio Ganzheit
Henry Lee (Solo Dev)
Seoul, South Korea
GenreAction-adventure game
PlaytimeAbout 4 hrs.
Release Date2023
LanguagesEnglish Text (VO will be ready soon)
Korean VO
Simplified/Traditional Chinese Text
Japanese Text
emailganzheit.studio at gmail.com
Social mediaTwitter


“Axiom of Maria” is an action-adventure game set in near-future Seoul, a city that has transformed into a ghost town due to a severe population decline. As players, you’ll wield your sword to defeat enemy bots, solve intricate puzzles, and unravel the complex story of a world where the lines between consciousness and unconsciousness are blurred.

In this dystopian future, the consciousness of the dead is preserved in a virtual realm called ‘Beyond.’ The city and ‘Beyond’ are administered by an AI system that has assumed the role of a traditional government. The protagonist, Kay, is a former instructor of the 707th Special Missions Group. She and her daughter were taken into custody when her husband mysteriously vanished. Later, it was discovered that her husband had ties with the ‘Irregulars,’ a group committed to annihilating ‘Beyond’ in an attempt to liberate the digitally-imprisoned deceased.

I plan to create three additional chapters following Axiom of Maria: Prologue. I’ve aimed to capture the future of what we’ve grown accustomed to, infusing it with the nostalgic ambiance of the 1980s. Portraying a world in chaos, where even consciousness and unconsciousness are in disarray, I’ve endeavored to illustrate how a dwindling number of people might perceive and adapt to such a scenario.


  • Sword action with puzzles
  • Bike melee combat
  • Unique perk system
  • The prologue of the trilogy
  • The vibe of 80’s Seoul

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